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10 Reasons You Shouldn't Attend Our 457 Visa Changes Webinar

May 04, 2017

Australia 457 visa changes

We say it all the time, the world of global immigration is constantly changing and here we are – another significant immigration policy change – this time in Australia. Everyone always tries to convince you to stay on top of industry changes, “Knowledge is power,” they say. “Webinars are a great way to learn directly from the experts.”

Blah, blah, blah...

Don’t be influenced by the crowd and their condescending lectures about about gaining industry knowledge and authoritative insights. We’re here to give it to you straight.

Here’s why you should avoid registering for our webinar, “Prepare Your Program: Australia’s 457 Visa Changes Examined” at all costs.

#10 “I love reading all those long, dry industry alerts about immigration changes.”

Really? Or would you rather get the latest information on how Australia’s major corporate immigration changes will impact your company in a quick, interactive, live video format . . . and you can even have breakfast/lunch/dinner or coffee/tea (depending on where in the world you are located) while attending.

#9   “We don’t have the money in our training budget for another seminar.”

It’s FREE . . . ‘nuff said.

#8  “I prefer to get my information on critical, business-impacting immigration issues from cable news, Google searches, newspapers, and anonymous online bloggers.”

Get your information from experts. Renowned Australian immigration expert, and Registered Migration Agent, Zack Ristov, will be presenting live from Melbourne, where he heads Pro-Link GLOBAL’s busy Australian corporate immigration unit.

#7  “But I hate listening to those cool Aussie accents.

You know that isn’t true . . . Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Cate Blanchett, Crocodile Dundee, Zack Ristov . . . Need we list more?

(Don’t) Register for our webinar now (I’m warning you, don’t do it!)

#6  “I’ve attended webinars like this before; they never answer the questions that concern me.”

In this live format, all questions will be answered in real time.

#5  “I’m just too busy.”

In under an hour, get all the up-to-date 457 Visa information you need to know now.

#4  “This doesn’t apply to our foreign employees in Australia.”

The recent changes are major . . . and impact not only the 457 Visa, Australia’s most common work visa stream . . . but also the eligible occupations for all other employment visa categories, as well as permanent residence and citizenship rules.

#3  “My company doesn’t have any/many employees in Australia right now.”

Australia is a key country in the vast Asia Pacific market, with major opportunities for companies who are prepared. If you’re a global company – or planning to become one – Australia, and its opportunities and challenges, needs to be on your radar.

#2  “My company really doesn’t spend that much on immigration.”

Regardless of the size of your mobility program, it’s a significant investment, and you want to get maximum ROI. Knowing the current business and legal climate, and being able to anticipate future changes, keeps you ahead of the competition.

#1  “Still . . . I’m just not interested.”

All of the brightest… most talented, proactive, and creative… and best-looking… HR and corporate mobility managers and key international business decision-makers will be attending.

Run! As Fast As You Can (Away from Our 457 Visa Changes Webinar)

Don’t delay! “Prepare Your Program: Australia’s 457 Visa Changes Examined” webinar is getting closer and closer by the day, and your opportunity to avoid it is dwindling.

If you really want to, go ahead and register! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  

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