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3 Visa and Immigration Hacks Every Mobility Manager Needs to Know

May 18, 2016

Visa and Immigration Hacks

Companies continue to reduce the number of long-term international assignments and increase short-term international business travel to save money on relocation expenses and maintain operational dexterity.  This rapid increase in alternative forms of short-term assignments is no picnic, especially if the company has locations in several jurisdictions. If you manage immigration for extended business travelers or short-term assignees this article is just for you

Pro-Link GLOBAL CEO, Andrea Elliott, and Associate Global Counsel, Lavinia Pascariu, co-wrote an article for Mobility magazine outlining 3 Visa and Immigration Hacks Every Global Mobility Manager Needs to Know

You will learn:

  • The driving factors that make business travelers a hot topic
  • Regional and country breakdown of visa & immigration hacks 
  • Which governments are responding to the needs of the international employers
  • The role technology is playing to streamline visa processing 

Click here to read the article! Comment below to let us know your favorite hack.

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