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9 Reasons You Need to Attend our Australian 457 Work Visa Webinar

June 15, 2016

Australian 457 Work Visa

Explore the immigration possibilities that Australia provides to your expatriate population while you attend our latest webinar, Australian 457 Work Visa. Just in case curiosity and the opportunity to learn from the experts aren’t enough to convince you to register, we’ve outlined 9 additional reasons you need to attend. 

  1. Money! Immigration is a major financial investment for the future of your company and your employees. Make sure you know the facts about sending your employees to Australia on the 457 work visa.
  2. “Australia is so hot right now!” Australia is a popular assignment location. Brookfield’s 2016 Global Mobility Trends Survey lists it as one of the top emerging destinations for expatriate assignments.
  3. Voted Most Popular– The 457 work visa is the most commonly used program to sponsor foreign employees’ work assignments in Australia.Australian 457 Work Visa
  4. Zack Ristov! Our presenter and Pro-Link GLOBAL employee is a Registered Migration Agent working directly in Australia. He is an expert in this stuff!
  5. Employer Sponsorship Requirements – Employers must meet certain requirements to sponsor employees in Australia under the 457 work visa. You’ll learn all about these during our webinar.
  6. Strategy – Learn important strategies to manage your foreign employees working on a 457 work visa.
  7. Avoid Scrambling at the Last Minute– Learn how to obtain 457 work visas in a timely and predictable manner.
  8. Comprehensive Overview – You’ll receive a 457 work visa overview including training, compliance, and nomination processes.
  9. Enhance your Global Mobility Program – You will learn what this versatile visa can do for your global mobility program.

Aren’t you glad we didn’t give you 457 reasons to attend this webinar? Register now! (click below)

Australian 457 Work Visa Webinar