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ALGERIA | New Regulations Significantly Improve Work Authorization Process

April 25, 2014

ALGERIAApril 25, 2014 The Algerian Ministry of Employment has implemented new regulations for obtaining a work permit, which will drastically shorten the time needed to obtain (initial) work authorization. Under the new regulations, as before, the sponsoring company will first need to obtain a Global Agreement in Principal (GAIP), which lists approved positions for which the sponsoring entity can obtain work permits. However, instead of then proceeding with applying for the work permit for an individual, which typically would take 3 months or more, the individual work authorization process now starts with the application for a Temporary Work Permit (referred to as ATP), which is expected to be issued within 2-3 weeks from date of application. Once the ATP is approved the applicant can proceed with applying for a work visa at the Algerian consulate, and can start working upon arrival in Algeria with the work visa. The application for a Final Work Permit is then submitted after arrival if the employee is going to work in Algeria for more than the validity of the ATP, which is 3 months. The processing of the final Work Permit is expected to take 2 months.