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BRAZIL | Temporary Delays with Visa Application, Legalization and Passport Book Services

November 07, 2012

The Brazilian Government has advised that there are supply chain problems in the production microchips used to secure official visa seals ("vignettes"), legalization foils and Brazilian passport books. As there are restricted number of official seals and books, Brazilian consular posts worldwide may delay or discontinue accepting new visa applications, processing of existing legalization and visa applications, and delay in processing emergency or new passports for overseas Brazilian nationals.

What's Changed?

On November 6th, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affair has advised it expects to ship official supplies to consular posts worldwide ship within the next 15 days. Brazilian consular posts worldwide are now waiting delivery of official supplies in order to continue accepting new applications and processing existing applications.

Please note that Brazilian consular posts facing the highest shortages may temporarily not allow new online or in-person visa application appointments to be made for business, tourist and work visa applications and may postpone any existing appointments and applications that are already filed.

For applicants requiring Brazilian legalization of work permit application support documents, legalization officers may accept requests but delay processing. Brazilian citizens outside Brazil and requiring passport services (emergency and new passports or requests for additional passport pages) may experience delays in requesting an appointment with a passport officer.

Clients are advised to check with their local consular posts, as certain consulates may choose not to accept new visa application and legalization application requests until receipt of supplies and having the ability to clear the backlog of existing applications. Consular posts in the United States may be delayed between 15-40 days to process legalization and visa applications.

Brazilian nationals requiring emergency or replacement passports are advised to confirm with the consulate's passport officer as to when passport appointments and applications will be processed.


Companies that have any employee planning business, tourist and work visa applications should advise their employees to confirm with the global immigration supplier and/or their local Brazilian consular posts as to current legalization and visa application processing times. Brazilian national employees requiring overseas citizen services should check the Portuguese section of consular websites and/or contact the Passport Officer at their local consular post.

Please be advised that certain consulates are coordinating only emergency consular services by limiting or discontinuing the availability of visa appointments. For those with applications already lodged with the consulate, return of passports and documents may be delayed for at least two to four weeks.

For employees in the midst of assembling Brazilian work permit applications by having their family civil documents or company letter of support legalized by a Brazilian consular post, please check with the legalization officer to determine the approximate delays in forwarding legalized documents to file the employee's work permit application with the Ministry of Labor.

Finally, submitting e-mail inquiries or telephonic inquiries to certain consular posts may be significantly delayed or remain unanswered due to call volume. Therefore, companies and employees should maintain flexibility when confirming specific information and maintain flexibility with their business travel plans and assignment start dates.