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BRAZIL | VisaALERT - Document Requirements to Prove Work Experience Eased for Work Permit Applicants

February 13, 2015

BRAZILFebruary 13, 2015

The Brazilian Ministry of Labor has relaxed the rules for document requirements that prove the minimum professional experience needed for work visa applicants. The change is designed to simplify the overall document requirements and accelerate he work visa application process in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Historically, and with very few exceptions, work visa applicants were required to involve both their current and former employers in providing proof of their work experience. Once obtained, the documentation had to undergo translation into Portuguese by an official Portuguese translation and then further authenticated via the Brazilian consulate abroad. However, under the new rules, any relevant document demonstrating work experience (including pay slips, work contracts, etc.) will be accepted thus allowing alternative routes for foreign employees who may not wish/be able to request letters from previous employers. Documents that originate outside of Brazil may still require further authentications by a Brazilian Consulate abroad.

Furthermore, foreign candidates applying for work visas as intra-company transfers can now prove minimum work experience through essentially any relevant documents legally permissible. This includes customized experience letters from their Brazilian entity issued in Portuguese and signed by an officer of the Brazilian company. Such letters will not require further notarization or authentication.

These recent changes have been widely praised by the business and immigration communities in Brazil as it shortens and simplifies a difficult aspect of the document gathering stage.