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Business Visa or Work Permit? That is the question.

May 04, 2016

business visa or work permitAssessing whether an employee can travel internationally simply on a business visa or whether they require a work authorization is an age-old question in global mobility.

As we suggested in our recent blog post, "7  Things You Need to Know About Global Immigration in 2016," one size does not fit all and speed isn’t everything.

While business visas are often faster and less expensive than an arduous (and possibly expensive) work authorization process, misuse of these visas can have series consequences for the foreign national and their employers alike. To make these assessments even more complicated, each country has its own set of “permissible business activities” that can vary greatly from country-to-country.

It is critical to determine employee eligibility and processing times prior to making commitments to local HR/local managers and/or contracted clients.

Instead of spending time and effort trying to figure out if your employee needs a business visa or a work permit to travel, we created a helpful cheat sheet that takes the guesswork out international business travel.

This reference sheet will arm you with a better understanding of what constitutes “business” vs. “work” activities. Use this document to assess whether your employee’s activities and conditions of stay are considered appropriate for business or whether they may require work authorization.

Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to focus on improving the immigration experience for your business travelers and relocating employees. Download our cheat sheet today


business visa vs. work permit