Sending Employees to India? 10 Cultural Differences You Need to Know Now

February 21, 2017 0

Have you ever selected an employee for an international assignment to India and then later wished you had more real-world Indian experience to share with them? If you had personal experience working and living in India, you could better advise on...

4 Things Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Opening a New Office in The Netherlands

January 06, 2017 0

The Netherlands has long been a top assignment destination for multinational companies. That’s why it was probably no surprise when your executive leader came to you and said, “We’re opening an office in Amsterdam – make it happen.” Opening a new...

Global Voices | Jason Rogers, Global Immigration Counsel

December 28, 2016 0

Within every company there are certain leaders with whom everyone wants to work. These leaders are authentic, passionate, and naturally motivate others to go above and beyond.

Global Voices | Natalie Rose, Senior Global Immigration Specialist

December 02, 2016 0

Our Global Voices video series has flown you around the world to meet many tenured Pro-Link GLOBAL employees. From Brazil to China, Poland, and the U.S., we have showcased the smart, passionate, and driven individuals that bring you best-in-class...

5 Lessons I Learned My First Year Working Remotely

November 10, 2016 0

Samantha Smith was thrilled when she learned that she would be working from a home office in Australia for a U.S.-based global immigration company.

Is a Career in Global Immigration Right for You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

October 13, 2016 0

Ever dreamed of traveling internationally for work? What about helping companies move their employees across the world? If you're considering a career in global immigration you've come to the right place. 

Global Voices | Lavinia Pascariu, Associate Global Immigration Counsel

September 27, 2016 0

Our next Global Voices video interview features one of our world-class immigration attorneys. As an experienced member of our distinguished counsel team, Lavinia Pascariu determines the best strategy for relocating employees and their family...

On Top of the World - Overcoming Tragedy and Healing My Soul in India

September 08, 2016 0

Pro-Link GLOBAL opened its India office in August 2016 and IT Professional Michael Niewodowski traveled to India for two weeks to help setup and install the network system and infrastructure. Below is the inspiring story of his trip written by...

Global Voices | Debra Stonebraker, Rock Star of the Year

August 25, 2016 0

Debra Stonebraker, the 2016 recipient of Pro-Link GLOBAL’s Rock Star of the Year award shares her compelling story of determination, hard work, and triumph.

7 Social Media Tips to Land Your Dream Global Immigration Job

August 11, 2016 0

First impressions. We all know they are one of the most important parts of a job search.

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