Global Voices | Jason Rogers, Global Immigration Counsel

December 28, 2016

global immigration counselWithin every company there are certain leaders with whom everyone wants to work. These leaders are authentic, passionate, and naturally motivate others to go above and beyond. Their charisma and confidence is appealing to do business with, contagious to those around them, and positively impacts company culture. What is a common denominator among these successful leaders? These individuals have found their niche: they’re doing what they love and are great at it.

At Pro-Link GLOBAL, one of these distinctive leaders is Executive Director and Global Immigration Counsel, Jason Rogers. Jason has been practicing law since 2001 and has spent the past twelve years concentrating on global immigration and corporate compliance. In addition to his own complex caseload, he serves on the Executive Management Team, oversees the Client Relationship Team, plays a valuable role in new business development, and advances rapport with clients and industry leaders.

Besides being a global immigration superhero to our multinational clients on a daily basis, Jason is also a superhero amongst his peers. In his video interview, Jason shares that he finds his role rewarding in a variety of ways: not only does he enjoy successfully supporting our client’s global mobility programs and improving their international assignees’ immigration experience, but he also finds the personal relationships and friendships with his colleagues inspiring.

Click below to watch Jason’s compelling interview and discover why Pro-Link GLOBAL is the world’s leading corporate global immigration provider.