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CZECH REPUBLIC | Changes to Diploma Nostrification Requirements Implemented

April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014

In efforts to reduce the overall work permit processing times and formalities, the General Director for the Labor Office in the Czech Republic recently announced changes to the foreign diploma nostrification process and requirements. Effective immediately, foreign nationals filing standard Czech Work Permit applications for non-regulated professions are no longer required to present diploma nostrification certificates. EU Blue Card applicants, however, will still be required to file nostrified degrees.

Diploma nostrification requirements, or the process to establish the equivalency of a foreign educational degree, can be found in several countries for work permit applications and can be a lengthy process.

Please note, while the nostrification requirement has been lifted for the above-indicated work permit categories, foreign educational degrees will still need to be duly legalized (via Apostille or legalization) in order to be accepted by the Czech authorities.

Issuing Authorities

While the General Director’s announcement did reduce the number of work permit categories that require diploma nostrification, the authority to issue such nostrifications has been transferred exclusively to pre-approved Czech Universities who offer similar courses. The National Academic Recognition Information Center will no longer issue nostrification certificates. Processing times through the universities are expected to remain at several weeks or months, and delays should be expected as the university officials acclimate to the increased volume of requests.

EU Blue Card applicants should keep these lengthy processing times in mind when preparing their Blue Card applications, as they will still be required to submit certificates of diploma nostrification to the Czech immigration authorities.