Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch | September 26 - October 2, 2017

October 02, 2017 0

Discover key changes to immigration regulations in Belgium, Canada, China, the European Union, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Thailand.

Featured Update

CHINA | Expedited Work Permit Option in Shanghai May Benefit Some Foreign Workers The...

UNITED KINGDOM | “Brexit” and the Consequences for UK Immigration

June 27, 2016 0

By popular vote on June 23, the United Kingdom (UK) made the unprecedented vote to leave the European Union (EU). While experts agree that the impacts of this vote will be far reaching when it comes to the UK, EU, and world economy,...

Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch | June 6-12, 2016

June 20, 2016 0

Discover key changes to immigration regulations in the European Union, Italy, Nigeria, Panama, and South Africa.

Featured Update

SOUTH AFRICA | All South African Visa Applications Filed in India to be Submitted through VFSEffective June 1, all...

EUROPEAN UNION/SPAIN | Spain First Country to Implement EU ICT Directive

September 25, 2015 0

September 25, 2015

SCHENGEN AREA | New Regulation Amends Definition of Authorized Stay in Schengen Area and Required Passport Validity

September 10, 2013 0

September 10, 2013

EUROPEAN UNION | More Schengen Countries Relax Work Permit Restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians

January 23, 2012 0

January 23, 2012

EUROPEAN UNION | Work Permit Restrictions Lifted for Nationals of A8 Countries

May 08, 2011 0

May 8, 2011

EUROPEAN UNION | EU15 Predictions About EU10 States Entirely Incorrect Says New Report from EU Commission

February 13, 2006 0

February 13, 2006

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