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MALAYSIA | VisaALERT - Online Document Submission Process Rolled Out for MSC Status Companies

April 23, 2015

MalaysiaApril 23, 2015

Effective as of April 13, 2015, many Malaysian companies with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status* are now required to upload additional documentation electronically for Employment Pass (EP), Dependent Pass (DP), and Long-Term Social Visit Pass applications. This change comes as Malaysian immigration officials continue their efforts to streamline and improve their internal adjudication processes.

During the Stage 1 (Approval) step, affected applicants are now required to submit their electronic copies through the e-Xpats online portal. Document requirements will differ depending on the type of application and the employee’s nationality, but will often include (but not be limited to) copies of their passport, educational certificates, and resumes. Since many of the required documents will be submitted electronically during Stage 1, only the applicant’s original passport, passport photographs, and (if applicable) release letters from former employers will be filed manually during the Stage 2 (Endorsement) step. Complete document requirement lists can be accessed from the e-Xpats center website here.

In addition, the MDeC authorities have amended the process for submitting the employee’s signed employment contract. Previously, the original signed contract was manually filed with the MDeC during the Stage 1 (Approval) step and would then automatically be stamped by the proper authorities if the contract met all the necessary criteria. The new requirement changes now mandate that applicants/Malaysian companies upload a signed copy of the contact to the e-Xpats system during the Stage 1 (Approval) step, arrange for the stamping while the application is being adjudicated, and then upload the stamped copy during Stage 2 (Endorsement). In other words, while the original employment contact no longer needs to be filed manually with the MDeC, sponsoring companies will now be required to arrange the contract stamping with the Malaysian Stamping Office directly before the Stage 2 (Endorsement) step.

Applicants who fail to upload their required documents to the e-Xpat system take a significant risk that their applications will be denied.

Finally, applicants and employers should note that while processing times are eventually expected to be reduced from this new online submission process, processing delays should be expected in the upcoming weeks as the Malaysian officials continue to learn and streamline their new processes.


*MSC status is granted by the Malaysian authorities through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for companies that specialize in Information and Communications Technologies.

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