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New White Paper – African Union Passport (Free Download)

August 03, 2016

African Union Passport


Between the Brexit announcement, summer time assignment rush, and vacation schedules, it’s easy for immigration changes to slip by unnoticed.

If you’re looking for upcoming ways to expedite immigration processing times in Africa, maximize your international business travelers’ time in-country (or continent), and stretch your assignment budget even further in this region – we’ve got news that you’ll want to hear!

Introducing the newly-revealed African Union Passport. A major highlight of the recent 27th Session of the African Union (AU), the AU Passport is aimed at increasing intra-continental trade and mobility among the AU member states. The AU hopes to have the new passport available to citizens of AU countries by 2018.

Instead of spending time looking up the ins and outs of this new passport, you can sit back and let the global immigration experts at Pro-Link GLOBAL make your life easier. We’ve already spent hours researching the AU Passport and wrote a brand new white paper on it. “The Beginning of a Borderless Africa?” will not only provide you with specialized information about the passport, but also take an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities faced by the countries of Africa in order to implement the passport throughout the Union.

If you’re sending employees to South Africa, Kenya, Angola or any other African countries this is a must read! Download our new African Union Passport white paper to stay informed.

African Union Passport