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SOUTH AFRICA | VisaALERT - Company Registration Applications for Access to Premium Visa Application Services to be Accepted Soon

May 07, 2015

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Later this month the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will open a premium service visa application center for companies who hold a Corporate Account with the DHA. Registered companies will be able to benefit from better service and shorter processing times (for example, visa applications filed at the Premium Service Center should be processed within 2 weeks instead of the current 6-9 weeks). The new DHA Premium Corporate VFS center will be located in the Gauteng Investment Centre in Sandton.

 Registration for a Corporate Account

Companies not yet having a Corporate Account with the DHA will be invited via a Government Gazette to apply for Corporate Account status within 10 business days of the Gazette publication. Please note, the publication date of this Gazette remains unknown at the time of this writing. The DHA will be using a points-based selection process to decide which additional companies will obtain a Corporate Account. This selection process will be based on the following 6 criteria:

1. The number of visas required in key positions. This will be counted in man-years over the coming three years (20 points);
2. Magnitudes of the incremental Capex spend over the coming three years (20 points);
3. National priority/relevance of the visa requested to the development of national infrastructure (20 points);
4. Critical skills component - percentage of visas contained in the notice contemplated in Section 19(4) of the Immigration Act, 2002 (20 points);
5. Transfer of skills; related efforts by the relevant corporate applicant to transfer imported skills to locals (20 points);
6. Proof that at least 60% of the total staff complement employed in the operations of the business are South Africans or permanent residents employed permanently in various positions (20 points).

Applications need to be submitted in writing, should include information on all 6 criteria, and cannot exceed 2 A4 size pages.

Pro-Link GLOBAL is monitoring the Government Gazette closely in order to advise on the deadline for submissions, and can assist with preparation of applications for Corporate Account status. Please reach out to your Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Specialist immediately if your company is interested in filing an application for Corporate Account status.

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