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THE NETHERLANDS | Increase in Knowledge Migrant Salary Requirements and Application Fees

January 07, 2014

January 7, 2014

Minimum Salary Requirements

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) has announced the new minimum salary requirements that apply for Knowledge Migrant Residence Permit applications in 2014. Up to 2013 the minimum salary requirements were defined in terms of a gross annual salary. However, as of 1 January 2014 monthly gross salary requirements apply, which include an 8% holiday pay. The new salary requirements are:

  • For highly skilled migrants age 30 and older: EUR 4,371.84
  • For highly skilled migrants below age 30: EUR 3,205.44
  • Job-seeking year for graduates: EUR 2,297.16
  • Holder Blue European Labor Card: EUR 5,122.44

Only guaranteed fixed amounts deposited into the employee’s bank account can be included to meet these new salary requirements. Any annual allowance that is mentioned in the employment contract or assignment letter and which is guaranteed can be included for 1/12 per month. Allowances in kind, such as payment of the employee’s lease on his/her behalf directly to the landlord, cannot be included.

Non-compliance with these salary requirements may result in fines up to EUR 12,000 per violation and, as any type of non-compliance with the Knowledge Migrant requirements, can ultimately result in retraction of the authorized sponsorship status.

Application fees

In addition to the salary requirements, also the IND application fees for Knowledge Migrant Residence Permits and the required Authorized Sponsorship Registration have been increased:

  • Knowledge Migrant Residence Permit (KM RP): EUR 861.00
  • Renewal KM RP: EUR 380.00
  • Renewal KM RP for dependents: EUR 228.00
  • Authorized Sponsorship Registration: EUR 5,065.00