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Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for February 2017

February 28, 2017

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The world of global immigration is constantly changing and February 2017 was no exception. We're bringing you the top 5 global immigration updates from the month so you can keep your expat population and global mobility program in compliance. 

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for February 2017:

  1. BULGARIA | New Posted Worker Requirements Implemented
    A new statute amending the Labor Code and the accompanying implementation Ordinance have brought Bulgaria into harmony with the European Union (EU)Posted Workers Directive (2014/67/EU). However, the new Bulgarian requirements go a step further by placing obligations on companies posting or sending workers to Bulgaria, as well as companies posting or sending workers from Bulgaria to other locations in the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. Read more. 
  2. SOUTH AFRICA | Numerous Changes in Highly-Charged Anti-Immigrant Atmosphere
    A potentially problematic new policy regarding visa validity and transfers was rolled out, then quickly put on hold. Anti-immigration protests are turning up the heat on the government to curtail undocumented immigration, and the Department of Home Affairs announced that it would be stepping-up immigration law enforcement with surprise workplace inspections. Given the current public mood surrounding the issue of immigration, look for the Cabinet to begin taking action on last year’s Green Paper reform recommendations by the end of March. Read the latest.
  3. LUXEMBOURG | Two New Laws Bring Major Changes to Immigration and Citizenship Rules
    Luxembourg’s parliament passed two new sweeping immigration and citizenship statutes bringing extensive changes to its laws impacting foreign workers, investors, students, and accompanying families, the standards for citizenship, and the procedures for refugees and asylum seekers. Included in the law are the provisions of the European Union (EU)Intra-Company Transfer Directive. Read more. 
  4. EQUADOR | Newly Enacted Law Overhauls Immigration Scheme
    While Ecuador remains a challenging environment for international business, its corporate immigration system is relatively open and simple. In a major new piece of legislation, the Ecuadorian government has overhauled its immigration scheme, in an attempt to better systemize the process. Changes include restructuring visa categories, new rules for foreign nationals traveling both within and outside the country, conditions on both temporary and permanent residency, and revised application procedures. Read more. 
  5. BELGIUM | New Law on Posted Workers Enacted
    The Belgium Federal Parliament has enacted the provisions of the European Union (EU)Posted Workers Enforcement Directive (2014/67/EU); however, some of the details regarding actual employer compliance requirements and changes to the current LIMOSA declaration process remain unclear. Pro-Link GLOBAL is expecting an additional Royal Decree in the coming weeks setting down the particulars and potentially refining the current LIMOSA declaration process. For the time being, companies with foreign employees posted in Belgium should evaluate their current policies and processes regarding posted workers to ensure they have a designated representative to liaise with authorities, are filing LIMOSA declarations, and maintaining the required records of posting. Read more. 

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