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Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for January 2017

February 10, 2017

Global Immigration updates

The year 2017 has already been fraught with change in immigration. We're outlining the top 5 global immigration updates for the first month of the year. Keep your global mobility program in compliance with this information.  

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for January 2017:

  1. ITALY - EU Intra-Company Transfer Directive Implemented
    Effective January 11, Italy became the sixth nation to fully implement the European Union Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Directive (2014/66/EU), joining SpainRomaniaHungaryFrance, and the Netherlands. Once implemented by all EU states, the ICT Permit has the potential to revolutionize corporate mobility across the continent with a single EU-wide work permit for third-country employees transferred to affiliated corporate entities throughout Europe. Read more. 
  2. SAUDI ARABIA - Labor Market Testing Requirements Increased
    Effective immediately, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour and Social Development has increased the length of time that job advertisements must remain on the Taqat national jobs website before applying for foreign worker block visas. Previously, employers were required to post open positions on the Taqat site for a minimum of 14 days; however, the requirement has now been increased to 45 days. As an immediate result, the overall process time for companies bringing foreign labor to Saudi Arabia has jumped by at least 31 days, now approaching five to six months. Read more. 
  3. CHINA - More Consular Posts No Longer Accepting Alien Employment Licenses for Z Visa Applications
    As we approach the April target for nation-wide roll-out for the new work permits system in China, increasing numbers of Chinese overseas consular posts will stop accepting the old Alien Employment License and require the new Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit under the new process. Embassies and consulates in Australia, Iran, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland have already made the switch. Read more. 
  4. AUSTRIA - Changes to Posted Worker Rules
    Effective January 1, a broad new law has made extensive changes to Austria’s mandated company responsibilities regarding their foreign employees on assignment in Austria. The effects of the changes are varied: in some respects requirements have been tightened, certain requirements merely clarified, others expanded, and in other instances the regulations are slightly relaxed. In all instances, Pro-Link GLOBAL is recommending that companies with foreign employees on assignment in Austria review current employment policies with their Austrian labor counsel, as some applicable requirements may have changed. Read more. 
  5. UNITED KINGDOM | Certain Tier 2 Applicants Must Now Have Criminal background Clearance Certificates
    The Home Office has announced that, effective April 6, foreign nationals coming to the United Kingdom for employment under the Tier 2 category in a variety of health, education, and service occupations will be required to provide a criminal record clearance (CRC) certificate from every country where they resided for more than 12 months in the past 10 years. With an effective date of January 1, sponsors are also required to notify such foreign nationals of the new CRC requirement before assigning the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to give them sufficient time to complete their entry clearance application. Read more. 

We've created a downloadable PDF summary of the changes - get it here. We're also presenting a webinar on the changes on March 15th. Click the register button below to learn more. 

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