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Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for March 2017

March 31, 2017

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Immigration is often named the number one challenge for global mobility practitioners. In order to keep up in such a fast-paced environment, we're providing you with a summary of the most impactful global immigration updates for March 2017.

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for March 2017:

  1. UNITED KINGDOM | Tier 2 Changes Coming April 6… and Brexit Begins
    All of the changes coming in the UK, kept pro-Link GLOBAL busy this month. The Home Office is set to implement the major changes to the Tier 2 Visa scheme on April 6, and Prime Minister May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty starting the wheels in motion for the formal Brexit of the UK from the European Union. Our alerts this month included in-depth coverage of the Tier 2 changes, including the new Immigration Skills Charge, and advice for EU foreign nationals living in the UK once Brexit begins. Also, with the myriad of changes ongoing in the UK, Pro-Link GLOBAL supported our clients with a live webinar on the UK, recording available here. Read more. 
    UK immigration changes
  2. CANADA | Two Exciting New Opportunities… New Global talent Stream and Atlantic Immigration Program
    Canada’s progressive corporate immigration policies continue to make it an attractive location for international business and talented foreign workers. Two new immigration policies present significant opportunities for companies operating in Canada and skilled foreign nationals seeking both short-term and long-term employment in the country. Read more.  
  3. CHINA | Shanghai… and the Fast-Approaching April 1 Nation-Wide Implementation of the New Work Permits System
    As we approach the April 1 target for nation-wide roll-out of the new work permits system in China, Shanghai has announced numerous process changes – including a temporary pause on application processing – to prepare for the final roll-out. As home to China’s largest expatriate population, Pro-Link GLOBAL is focusing on the coming changes and the state of the work authorization process in Shanghai, as well as across all provinces. For a detailed guide on China’s new work permits system, download our free e-book here. Read more.
    China New Work Permit System
  4. SINGAPORE | Increased Enforcement of Local Hiring Rules and Longer Standard Processing Times
    Pro-Link GLOBAL has reported previously on the impact that Singapore’s slowing job growth is having on its immigration processes. For more details, see ourImmigration Dispatches of February 20 and December 13, and download our free e-book “Singapore Moves to Protect Its Own Labor Force” here. As part of this ongoing trend, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) continues to take actions aimed at increasing local hiring while maintaining a reasonable level of foreign employment-based immigration. This emphasis on local hiring is leading to more potential application denials and increased processing times. Read more. 
  5. NIGERIA | Major Revision of the Corporate Immigration Process in Africa’s Largest Economy
    As Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation, Nigeria presents both great opportunities and great challenges for international business. Pro-Link GLOBAL has been monitoring its current economic and international business environment closely with a focus on our clients’ experience in this key African nation. A recent extensive revision of Nigeria’s immigration laws and processes is a major improvement to Nigeria’s position within the international marketplace. However, there are significant departures from past practices of which companies and foreign employees doing business in the country should be aware. Read more. 

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