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Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for May 2016

June 01, 2016

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The world of global immigration is constantly changing and May 2016 was a perfect example of that. Here's a roundup of the most important changes we saw last month. 

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Global Immigration Dispatch | April 18-24, 2016

  • RUSSIA | Federal Migration Service Reorganized and Merged into Ministry of Internal Affairs
    Effective April 5, 2016, per the President of Russia’s order, the Federal Migration Service (FMS) has been abolished and its functions incorporated into the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There will be a thirty percent reduction in FMS staff when the transition is finalized later this year (expected June 1). The Ministry of Internal Affairs will now oversee all facets of Russia’s immigration policies.
  • AUSTRALIA | Updates for Subclass 457 and Temporary Work Visas
    Subclass 457 Visa Program: New Attestation and English Language Requirement Changes
    Effective April 19, 2016 the government implemented changes to the subclass 457 visa application process. The changes demonstrate ongoing amendments to the subclass 457 visa including ensuring fair employment for the local labor market, streamlining the application process, and doing away with required language proficiency testing for some applicants.

Global Immigration Dispatch | April 25-May 1, 2016

  • HUNGARY | Incorrect Biometric Information Uploaded to Some Work and Residence Permits
    The Hungarian Immigration Office in Budapest recently discovered a technical mistake made in some residence and work permits issued late last year: the biometric information contained in some of these permits was inadvertently uploaded to the wrong data chip in some instances.
  • SAUDI ARABIA | The Saudi Arabian Embassy in London Announces New Document Requirements
    The Consulate for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Kingdom has announced new document formalities for Commercial, Work, and Business Visit Visa applications filed in London. The Ministry will now require that all company support letters filed for these visa categories be submitted on company letterhead and attested by the U.K. or Arab British Chamber of Commerce. Companies that are not yet registered with the Chamber must do so before requesting any of the mentioned visas.

Global Immigration Dispatch | May 9-15, 2016

  • VIETNAM | New Quarterly Reporting Requirements Implemented
    Further to the changes announced earlier this year, the Vietnamese authorities have rolled out the second major component of Decree 11/ND-CP/2016. Effective April 1, all Vietnamese companies sponsoring foreign employees will be required to submit a quarterly Foreign Labor Use Report with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs (MoLISA).



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