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Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for September 2016

September 30, 2016

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With the end of the year quickly approaching, September 2016 had several significant immigration changes. Make sure your Global Mobility program is prepared for quarter four with these top immigration alerts for the month. 

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for September 2016:

  1. BRAZIL | Public Servants Strike and Presidential Impeachment Causing Immigration Delays 
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) labor strike continues into its seventh week. Foreign nationals and their employers should be prepared for significant processing delays for MoFA-related applications. These delays are anticipated to continue even after an agreement is reached due to the backlog of applications. Read more. 
  2. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Major Changes to Visa-On-Arrival Rules
    The United Arab Emirates is changing the way it calculates the validity period of its 30-day visas-on-arrival. Under the new calculation method, the past practice of receiving a 30-day visa-on-arrival, exiting prior to the 30 days, and then returning, still within the original 30 days, and receiving a new visa-on arrival for another 30-day period is no longer possible. Read more. 
  3. AUSTRALIA | High Court Removes Visa Exemption for Oil and Gas Workers
    The High Court of Australia has ruled that foreign nationals working in the offshore oil and gas industry within Australian waters will now be subject to Australian visa requirements and be protected by Australian labor laws on working conditions. Employers in this industry should immediately contact their immigration advisors to ensure that they are in compliance with this new ruling. Read more. 
  4. IRELAND | New EPOS System Goes Live and Act on Posted Workers Takes Effect
    The Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation confirmed that its new Employment Permit Online System (EPOS) went live in early September. This electronic application system seeks to provide intuitive online application completion, document submission, and fee payment for Employment Permit applications. Read more. 
  5. CZECH REPUBLIC | Restrictions on Short-Term Visas to Delay Assignments
    Foreign nationals going on assignment to the Czech Republic for longer than 90 days must now obtain an Employee Card before entering the country. This change eliminates the previous option of obtaining a short term visa to enter the country while the Employee Card application was in process. Processing times for the Employee Card are currently 60-90 days and, as such, Global Mobility Teams may need to adjust affected foreign nationals’ start dates accordingly. Read more. 

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