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Top 6 Global Immigration Updates for November 2016

November 30, 2016

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November dished out turkey and mashed potatoes with a major side of immigration overhauls. China and France implemented modernized immigration structures for their work permit systems and Australia simplified their Temporary Activity Visa scheme. With all of these important changes, we couldn't stop at five updates this month, here are the top six global immigration updates you need to know now. 

Top 6 Global Immigration Updates for November 2016:

  1. CHINA| Major Overhaul of Work Permit System Starts November 1
    China began implementation of a new single-permit work authorization system for foreign nationals November 1. The new integrated system is a major overhaul of the Chinese employment immigration scheme and will include new electronic application submission and processing. The system will also combine the current two permit categories – the foreign work permit and the foreign expert certificate – into a single permit with three occupation groups evaluated on a points-based system. Read more. 
  2. HUNGARY| New Intra-Company transfer Rules in Effect
    Hungary became the third European Union nation to officially implement into its laws the provisions of theEU Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Directive (2014/66/EU). The goal of the ICT Directive is to increase mobility and provide greater flexibility for foreign employees from outside the EU to transfer between company affiliates in the member states through a uniform and convenient system. Read more.
  3. UNITED KINGDOM | Immigration Changes Coming to Tier 2 Route on November 24
    Several significant immigration changes came into force on November 24. First announced in March of this year, these changes will primarily affect first time and renewal applicants filing under the Tier 2 Immigration Route. Read more.
  4. FRANCE | Major Overhaul of Work Permit Rules Brings New Opportunities
    A major overhaul of France’s employment-based immigration system presents some new opportunities for companies and foreign national employees with two new permit categories and short-term assignment exemptions for some activities. However, significant uncertainty regarding certain changes in the application procedures has brought forth some challenges as well. Read more. 
  5. AUSTRALIA| Overhaul of Temporary Activity Visa Immigration Scheme Simplifies Structure and Process
    Effective November 19, Australia overhauled its Temporary Activity Visa scheme which provides the immigration route for short-term work assignments in Australia. The changes consolidated several visa categories, amend sponsorship requirements, and, in many cases, simplified and liberalized application requirements and procedures. In almost all cases, application submission and processing can now be completed online. Read more.
  6. NETHERLANDS| New Intra-Company Transfer Permit Rules Take Effect November 29
    The Netherlands became the fifth European Union (EU) nation to implement the provisions of the EU Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Directive. The new rules present long-range benefits for companies and employers. However, sponsoring companies should be aware of the short-term advantages and disadvantages over the current rules and processes. For temporary work assignments to the Netherlands under the applicable conditions, this new ICT Permit will be the single available immigration route from November 29 forward. Read more.

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