Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for June 2017

June 30, 2017 0

Our top 5 global immigration updates for June 2017 are a bit like a Tale of Two Cities… or nations, rather. On one hand, Canada and Brazil are implementing positive changes for international business; and on the other - Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and...

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for March 2017

March 31, 2017 0

Immigration is often named the number one challenge for global mobility practitioners. In order to keep up in such a fast-paced environment, we're providing you with a summary of the most impactful global immigration updates for March 2017.

Kickstart 2017: 9 Global Mobility Changes You Need to Know Now

January 04, 2017 1


At Pro-Link GLOBAL, one of the critical roles we play for our clients is to be their worldwide “eyes” and “ears” in the constantly-changing world of global corporate mobility and international business.

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for December 2016

December 27, 2016 0

Baking your favorite holiday desserts, addressing cards to your loved ones, shopping for the perfect presents for your dedicated officemates - these are just a few of our favorite things that make December one of the busiest months of the year....

Top 5 Global Immigration Updates for October 2016

November 02, 2016 0

October 2016 had several significant global immigration changes. Make sure your Global Mobility program is prepared for the remainder of the year with these top immigration alerts for the month. 

CANADA | VisaALERT - LMIA-Exemption Extended to Emergency Repair Personnel Regardless of Warranty or After-Sales Agreement Status

June 23, 2015 0

For years, there were no fast and affordable immigration options for companies to send their foreign employees into Canada in order to perform emergency repairs on equipment located at clients sites if that equipment was no longer under warranty...

CANADA | Express Entry – The Top 8 Things You Really Need to Know!

December 04, 2014 0

November 30, 2014

CANADA | Additional Nationalities Required to Submit Biometric Data for Canadian Visa Applications

January 14, 2014 0

January 13, 2014

CANADA | Canada Tightens Labor Market Opinion Requirements

September 30, 2013 0

September 30, 2013