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Unlocking the Secrets to Australia’s 457 Work Visa Training Benchmarks

August 17, 2016


Your company is expanding to Australia.

You’ve secured a Business Sponsorship and are sending employees on Australia’s highly-utilized Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457).

A year flies by, everything is going smoothly, and then your Business Sponsorship needs to be renewed.

One of the requirements to renew your sponsorship status is reporting the company’s hours and monetary spending for the training and development of local Australian staff. These so called “training benchmarks” and the accurate keeping of these records are a critical component to renewing your sponsorship and continuing business as usual.

ZackRistov_HexagonHeadshot.pngDuring our next Australian webinar, Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Consultant and Registered Migration Agent, Zack Ristov will unlock the secrets to the training benchmark requirements.

You will learn why they are so important, the details about what qualifies as meeting the benchmarks, and how to keep accurate records so you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute.

This informative webinar is key to your global mobility program’s success in Australia.

Register today to ensure your continued operational progress in this country.

457 Training Benchmarks